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This Web site is brought to you from Centro Instructivo Musical 'Apolo' - Alcoi (Spain) It's main image logo-based is designed by Abad y Segura.

Some parts of this Web site are hosted by the 'Alcoy Culture Project' at the Politechnic University of Valencia. Many thanks!

A growing part of the Centro Instructivo Musical Apolo 's web has been built with Nvu . Nvu is an open source software.

Other software used in works published at this site are:
Audacity  Free audio editor and recorder, open source project from SourceForge.net
VLC media player from VideoLAN software project released under the GNU General Public License.
WAG-Web album generator is freeware created by Mark McIntyne.

The icons are mainly under 
GNU General Public License downloaded from wikimedia.org. Our thanks to artists and supporters.

The photographs, are usually from CIM Apolo's members or contributors, in public domain. Other cases are their indicated.

Newspaper and magazine captions are copyrighted by their respective editors. Please follow the link indicated in each case.

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